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North Baddesley Infant School

We take responsibility for our belongings and the resources we need

North Baddesley Infant School is an Ofsted outstanding school!

Policy for Display

Our Vision: At North Baddesley Infant School we are committed to valuing and nurturing each child as an individual who will achieve their best and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our vision is for the children in our school to grow into responsible, caring and fulfilled adults who actively and positively contribute to the society in which they live. We are committed to raising standards, values and self esteem for all those involved with our school through cultivating a secure, yet exciting environment that is positive, supportive, stimulating and enriching.

In this way, we are happy, valued and achieving together.

Our policy for display supports this by:

  1. Celebrating learning, achievement and effort.
  2. Valuing pupils’ work and engendering a sense of pride and self worth.
  3. Creating a stimulating, exciting and aesthetically pleasing learning environment.
  4. Sharing work with the whole school community, thereby enabling them to gain an insight into the diversity of work going on in school.
  5. Helping raise standards and developing continuity and progression throughout the school.
  6. Supporting and enriching learning and encouraging questions that provoke learning.
  7. Demonstrating progression across the key stages.
  8. Encouraging children to take an interest in each others’ work.
  9. Showing examples of attainment in all curriculum areas.
  10. Reflecting the diversity of our pupils.
  11. Promoting equal opportunities, taking account of stereotypes and gender balance and reflecting the multicultural diversity of our society where appropriate.
  12. Ensuring displays continue to stimulate interest and curiosity.
  13. Ensuring display topics are planned into the curriculum to ensure they lead to suitable work for display.


  • All children will have work on display in the classroom or around the school at some point during the school year.
  • Displays reflect and focus on both children’s work and the work and interests of the school.
  • Displays:
    • are changed regularly – year group corridor boards a minimum of termly and at least one classroom display board is changed each half term.
    • are mounted, care is taken when cutting mounts and that mounts enhance work rather than detract from it.
    • have a large, clear, eyecatching title.
    • are labelled with the child’s name.
    • include a short explanation of task/learning objective that produced the work.
    • have a year group label in communal areas.
    • have questions that encourage interactions.
    • do not show children’s work slanted or overlapped as a general rule.
  • Cutting children’s work, especially into irregular shapes is avoided.
  • Display is representative of a range of National Curriculum subjects and media, both 2 and 3D.
  • Backing paper and borders are changed regularly – a minimum of once a year.
  • The criteria for the selection of work to be displayed is shared with the children.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

The school will review this policy annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the school.